Bookcases and Beyond: Finding A Secret Door To Fit Your Space

Bookcases and Beyond: Finding A Secret Door To Fit Your Space

Hidden doors are fixtures for most homeowners. Even though they’re hidden, they’re a point of pride due to their novelty and their secrecy. 

Knowing that, it’s easy to understand why choosing from the wide variety of options available for hidden doors is an important decision. A hidden door is a statement piece, after all. 

While bookcases are a mainstay, and are among the most popular choices for homeowners, there are options even within that style. Beyond bookcases, homeowners may consider a hidden door disguised as a mirror, a shoe rack, a hutch, a wine rack or even a linen closet. 

While styles may change from homeowner to homeowner, there are a few consistent features that are universally true for every one of our hidden doors at the Hidden Door Store — and those features are exclusive to us, which means homeowners shouldn’t expect to find them with any other manufacturer. They include: 

  • Engineering support. We offer unlimited support to our homeowners every step of the way.
  • Premium hardware. Our patented hinges eliminate the most common issues with secret doors.
  • Creative switches. The switches our doors utilize add a “wow” factor to the door. 
  • Security as a standard. We utilize integrated locks as a standard feature, not an upgrade, prioritizing security.
  • Smooth operation. We’re committed to ensuring that our doors open with just “one finger,” indicating smooth operation and ease of access.
  • Industry-leading warranty. Our two-year, hassle-free warranty is unmatched. 

To begin considering which option fits a space best, it’s important to know what’s actually available. And, it’s important to remember that every style comes with options that customize each door to a homeowner’s space, from finishes to swing to switches to whether or not a door includes lower doors and what type. 

In addition, homeowners can choose from a door that sits flush with the wall or is freestanding. We build our doors flush as a standard, so the freestanding option is an added expense. 

It’s also important for a homeowner to consider a hidden door that best fits its desired use. For example, a bookcase hidden door is an ideal entry to a basement, a man cave or a secret office or study. A mirror, though, may be better used to conceal a closet or a home gym. 

A wine rack or hutch hidden door, likely placed in a living or dining area — similar to the bookcase hidden door — are also great doors to use as secret access points for hidden lounges, secret poker rooms or concealed basement spaces. 

The same can be said for a linen closet secret door or a shoe rack secret door, although those types of doors are typically found in a master closet or a master bedroom, or in a hallway. 

To better understand the options we have available at the Hidden Door Store, browse our showroom and play around with the different choices for finishes, materials and operations — from switches to swing.

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