High-Security Pocket Door

A secret door that slides security into place when it’s needed.

Creative Home Engineering designs and builds custom secret doors of unmatched quality, creativity, and craftsmanship. Relying on award-winning, precision engineering, and years of high-security expertise, Creative Home Engineering creates one-of-a-kind secret doors that blend unrivaled safety with unparalleled design. When it comes to secret doors, we’re the established and respected industry experts.

Our High-Security Pocket Door

Pocket doors have long been reserved for tight spaces, where hinged doors can’t quite fit. At Creative Home Engineering, we’ve added security and ballistic-rated steel to the classic pocket door, ensuring it protects those behind it once it’s closed. With a motorized closure, internal locking mechanisms, and the ability to customize for fit and protection, our high-security pocket door keeps safety within reach and out of sight. 

Our Advantages

High-security secret doors, customized to your imagination. 


Our high-security pocket door is the first of its kind on the market, available only at Creative Home Engineering.


Equipped with a silent motor, our high-security pocket door opens and closes on its own without anyone hearing a thing.


Bulletproof steel protects those behind the door, while standard safety features include obstacle detection, soft start and stop, and an emergency manual release.

Our Clients

Since 2003, we have been embarking on exciting engineering ventures. We customize our elegant and reliable passages to accommodate the distinctive requirements of each client.

How We Work

With a service-minded approach to secret door design and development, our experienced team of engineers is with you every step of the way.


Connect with our team, sharing floor plans or photos of the space for the secret door. We offer site measuring service when required.


Our team reviews measurements and consults with the client to present various secret door options for the space.


Our team conducts a thorough plan and cost analysis before accepting a deposit and crafting the door’s unique design. We provide drawings and renderings for your approval and coordinate with local contractors to prepare the door opening.


Our team receives approval from the client on the design and precise specs before getting the door into the fabrication schedule.

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