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If you’re in the market for a Batcave – or just a place to hide your stamp collection – Steve Humble of Creative Home Engineering should be your next call.
Popular Mechanics
Creative Home Engineering is making waves in the home design market with their incredible Hidden Passageways.
Zink Magazine
A safe room, a secluded work space, a love dungeon – what hides behind the spinning door is limited only by your imagination.
STUFF Magazine
When it comes to hooking up a hidden door in your crib, you essentially have three options: you can build one yourself, you can purchase a premade revolving bookcase from an ordinary wood-working company, or you can opt for a precision hiding system from Creative Home Engineering.
Baller House
(Creative Home Engineering) makes doors with a craftsman’s eye to detail.
Western Art & Architecture
Creative Home Engineering can create a room that’s virtually seamless.
Hollywood Reporter
…Always at the highest level and always with the best materials.
Uptrend Magazine (Germany)
The premier manufacturer of secret passages and hidden rooms.
AOL (Housing Watch)