Hidden Bookcase Doors: Custom or Ready-Ship

Bookshelf Door Options

We consider every creation to be flawlessly functional yet also artistically beautiful. Every piece of lumber for our doors is hand picked by our carpenters to ensure that only the finest wood is used. Once built, our doors are stained or painted in our dust free paint room to ensure a beautiful finish designed to last for years.

Single Bookcase Door

Single Bookcase Door

Double Bookcase Door

Double Bookcase Door

Sliding Bookcase Door

Sliding Bookcase Door

Our custom bookcase doors provide the flexibility to fit nearly any style to match the existing decor of your home. This provides a seamless, invisible door option to your intricately designed rooms. We can provide the most intricate of woodworking and detail. Bookcases can be converted into cabinets (such as a towel cabinet) by including features such as cabinet doors. There are many options aside from the standard bookcase – for example, sliding bookcase doors are a common request.

Security & Automation - click to expand

Secret Door Security

Our ready-to-ship secret doors at The Hidden Door Store include an integrated locking mechanism. The door is unlocked by placing a magnet on a specific part of the bookcase frame.

Our custom secret doors provide a number of security options, including:high security bookcase door

  • Panic Room Door Upgrade Package
  • Bullet Proofing of Door to UL standards
  • Advanced trigger options, including biometric unlocking
  • Door Vault Style Manual Locking System
  • Battery Back Up To Stay Safe Against Power Failure
  • Secret Cameras Observing the Outside

Buy Custom or Standard Bookcase Door

Secret Bookcase Door in Office

As seen on Bloomberg: hidden bookcase door installed in to a home office – bookcases are one of the most versatile, convenient and fun methods of concealing a room or closet. Read on to find out why, and how to buy the best one!

Luxurious Design

Luxurious Design

Our secret bookcases are designed to be beautiful pieces of furniture. Wood species are carefully selected by our master wood worker. Every product is completely functional – including full depth shelving and robust weight limits.
Automation Features

Automation Features

Automation is a key feature of a sophisticated secret door. It allows for secure or fun access control – or both. A bookcase door that lacks proper access control is inconvenient to use. Our doors come standard with locking and can be controlled in a number of ways.
Patented Hinges

Patented Hinges

The biggest part of what makes our bookcase doors so effective is their purpose-made, patented and proprietary hidden door hinges. Inadequate hinges are the main cause of secret door failure. Instead our doors are “smooth-as-butter” to open and close, even when laden with heavy books.
Why Buy Bookcase Doors For Security?

Vault bookcase door

The most common use of a hidden bookcase is for security. A secret door provides unparalleled security. Unlike conventional safes or vaults, a secret vault won’t point criminals directly toward your most valuable items. Bookcase concealment of valuable items (such as firearms) is popular, but there are many other uses for a hidden bookcase!

    • Common security applications of a bookcase door:
  • Entrance door to a Wine rooms
  • Gun vault door for securing expensive and collectible firearms
  • Jewelry Security
  • Prepper vault, including food storage
  • Keeping passports and other documents safely at home
  • Precious metal and gold storage

In addition to the benefits of secrecy, secret rooms and closets provides vastly more space for storing valuables than conventional method of security. Rather than cramming valuables in to a limited safe, clients can store and display their valuables aesthetically and conveniently.

Why Install Bookcase Doors For Fun?

It’s hard not to be captivated by the possibility of featuring a secret bookcase in ones home. Many of us have fond childhood memories of these secret passages, often inspired by movies and TV shows such as Batman, The Goonies, The Munsters and many many more. A hidden door is a stunning way to complete a well designed room. The surprise entrance offers your family and guests the same wonder they feel when peeling gift wrapping off of a present.

open hidden bookcase door

    • Here are common ways our clients install a bookcase door:
  • Home theater doors
  • Kids playroom doors
  • Man cave entrance
  • Billiard room entrance
  • Speakeasy bar door

Where Are Secret Bookcases Often Found?

Wall covered by hidden bookcase doors

Bookcases covertly blend in to many surroundings, providing a natural fit. A home office is a common location to place a secret bookcase door. Bookcase passageways can be found in many other places as well, such as in living rooms, game rooms, as a towel cabinet in a bathroom, or in a bedroom.

Using a bookcase as a door is convenient in many of these situations because books and art can be displayed on its bookshelves.  What once was simply a door, can now be a functional area. Therefore, a secret bookcase often maximizes space. Additionally, bookcases are popular due to their famed use in popular culture – from the Batman movie to the board game Clue.

Don't Buy a "Budget" Bookcase Door

The Problem with “Budget” Bookcase Door Brands

We do not provide the cheapest secret doors. We provide the best secret doors.

Due to our wide-spread media attention over the years, a few low-cost brands have popped up in order to provide a cheaper option for consumers. Unfortunately, as is often true, you get what you pay for. If you’re interested in a bookcase door that is more of a fun gimmick, those other brands may be the right option for you. But if you are looking to invest in a secret bookcase that will last for decades, look beautiful, and be actually secret, then our doors are the only way to go.

    • Common problems with budget bookcase doors:
    • Rough closing process that damages door over time (see image on right)
    • Warping of wood
    • Rollers needed to support weight of door which leaves damage on floor
    • Significant door gaps (see image on right) which give secret away
    • Gaps in door point criminals right to your valuables
    • Light is visible behind bookcase
    • Not assembled by an expert team (their “assembly” does not include the frame)
    • Short shelves that do not hold actual books

    Want to compare our product to other brands you are researching? Just give us a call.

    Or, see more detailed secret door comparison information.

    We do not recommend DIYing or hiring a contractor to build your secret door

    We’ve spent the last 12 years exclusively specializing in secret doors such as hidden bookcase doors, and we can can confidently say that it is not cost effective to build a secret door from scratch – there are too many problems to run in to. 

    After over a decade of work around the globe we’ve created the hardware and specially engineered plans to provide a seamless secret door, built to last for decades. A cabinet maker may offer to build your secret door, having done something “like it” in the past – but you’ll almost always be disappointed by the result or the cost. Each secret door installation is different and requires special expertise.

    In fact, we receive calls every week of a home owner who had a contractor create a secret door only to ask us if we can fix it. We can’t – we need to build it right from the start.

Bookcase Door Hinges

Bookcase Door Hinges

We often get asked by customers about buying hidden door hinges for a bookcase that they are building, or buying bookcase door hardware. People often see our secret doors on TV programs or online videos and want to know how they can conceal their own door hinges the way we do.

They may have noticed how smooth our door hinges perform and are able to withstand load. Most of the time, they searched online and could not find an appropriate hinge for their DIY secret door.

Why? Because they don’t commercially exist.

Because there are no available hinges that support this type of weight and flexibility we had to invent and patent our own concealed door hinges and hardware. We’ve developed several hinges based on different doors, that include 5 point adjustment to adjust with your house, over time.

However, there is much more that makes a hidden door function properly, both the way in which the hinges are integrated and the other hardware and woodworking methods. For that reason, we do NOT sell our bookcase door hinges by themselves. We only sell complete secret door systems.

custom bookcase door
  • Custom Bookcase Doors

  • $8,500+
    • Nearly Unlimited Design Options – can match existing home decor.
    • Custom sizing to fit any door opening measurements.
    • High security locking systems and armor available.
    • Design and production takes 12+ weeks.

  • One-Size Bookcase Doors

  • $2,999+
    • Variety of wood species and finishes available.
    • Choose your size.
    • Integrated locking system. Seamless magnetic entry, with upgrades available.
    • Ships in 5-7 weeks

Secret Bookcase Door opened

Both our brands ship doors worldwide