Home Safe Vaults

A safe vault is where you will keep your most prized possessions. Your portable wealth will be concentrated in one single location. There’s no government “backing” like their might be in a savings account. The confidence you can have in your valuables legacy depends on how you implement your home security strategy. Having worked with high profile clients around the globe, we can share a secret to an effective safe vault: secrecy.


safe vault

A home safe vault is an attractive feature in a modern day home. There are many risk factors these days: political instability, social unrest, crime resulting from tough economic times, etc. There are also many new resources at criminals’ disposal: unlimited access to criminal knowledge online, tools like bump keys to manipulate security vulnerabilities, and an increasing ability for word to spread (for example about the presence of your safe!).  It’s therefore a complicated to know how best to protect your family, firearms and valuables.


Unfortunately, the conventional security advice given about purchasing the best gun vault is to focus on the bulkiest option money can buy – bigger is better. When it comes to security, this is a fallacy. On the contrary, an obvious safe vault in the home presents a major vulnerability. This obvious security measure actually attracts criminals to come to visit your house and points them right in the direction of  your highest concentration of wealth. The safe attracts criminals to your location by letting visitors – anyone from handymen to service people – inadvertently see your steel safe vault when walking by it. And it points a burglar right to your valuables after a break in. By making the security obvious, the things which you most want to keep out of a burglars hands become the things that the burglar focuses his entire time on getting to – the safes, doors and even walls become put to the test of his expertise and toolset.


Our clients seek our safe vault doors because they know a criminal cant steal what he can’t find. They don’t have to worry about visitors seeing their safe and mentioning its presence to the wrong person. They have complete confidence that a burglar won’t even have a clue that there most precious valuables are in the house in the first place.


Our precision engineering in building secret passages is rivaled by our engineering expertise in high security applications – because many of our clients lives literally depend on the strength of our safe vaults. Numerous vulnerabilities in traditional safe vault doors have been routed out and improved on, such as using double shear steel pins. You and your valuables will be protected by the best of the best.