Quality & Service

Cabinet shops and contractors have been building secret doors for decades – so why choose Creative Home Engineering?

We are the only company in the world that specializes in custom secret doors and has the mechanical engineers on staff to design them to be the best in the world. See the diagram below to see what make our doors different.

Anatomy of CHE Doors REV 5-01

World-class Customer Service

Intuitive and simple installation is a design goal in every one of our projects. Because of our rigorous build and test procedure, potential problems are found and corrected before they leave our facility. On the rare chance assistance is needed while installing your secret door, our team is available for unlimited phone tech support – absolutely free. Should a call be necessary, you’ll be speaking with the engineer that designed your door and – not a representative with little to no knowledge of your specific project.


Creative Home Engineering has delivered over 1,000 secret doors worldwide. Our projects include whimsical, sophisticated machinery, to hardened, bullet resistant security features. Each project has been unique and customized to fit the client’s exact specifications. Our breadth of experience means the client can be confident their project is in great hands.


Our secret passage systems are the most well-designed, well-built, longest-lasting secret doors – period. That is why they can be found in ultra-luxury estates and royal palaces across the globe. In fact, our secret doors are so demonstrably effective that insurance companies offer our clients lower premiums, especially when dealing with high value items. No other secret door manufacturers make their doors with such attention to detail.


In recent years several companies have sprung up offering lower-cost imitation secret doors, so we feel it is important that our clients understand the difference.  Though budget secret doors may look fine in small internet photos, a real-life inspection of such doors reveals a very different story.   A quality secret door is a very precise machine that must maintain extremely tight tolerances. Many companies simply attach a hinge to a piece of carpentry, resulting in a secret door that sags, warps, or rubs and looks obvious when a load is applied or when humidity and temperature fluctuate.


Creative Home Engineering products are precisely engineered to handle changing conditions while maintaining those essential tight tolerances. Our carefully constructed passageways contain hidden cavities with structural steel support members to preserve the strength and rigidity of the door, along with our patented custom hinges, and numerous other technical innovations that have set us apart as the leader in the secret door industry.


Much of our business is replacing substandard secret doors that were built by these lower-cost companies or by local woodworkers who do not specialize in secret doors!


For more information on the difference between a quality secret door and a low-quality imitation, please contact us.


Project Types

At Creative Home Engineering we design and build secret doors for a variety of purposes. No matter what your requirements are we can build a door to fit your needs and exceed your expectations.

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