Panic Room Vault DOor
What Our Clients Say

At Creative Home Engineering we don’t quit until our customers are completely satisfied with their secret doors. To make sure our doors meet our customer’s highest standards we test and thoroughly inspect every door prior to shipping or installation.¬†Below are comments by some of our customers in their own words.

Creative Home Engineering is the most amazing group of talent. Two entirely separate projects were completed in my home and they have completely changed the space for the better. Having two secret passageways seems a bit extreme but they are both completely functional and usable.
The team drove out from Phoenix to Los Angeles and were extremely reliable, quick and the most of all respectful - AKA...they kept the house clean, didn't drag the project out longer than needed, and put their heart into the finished product.
This company has all the resources to provide a totally custom project for any interested party. They use computerized drawings to show the customer how the project will look and function. They have a massive manufacturing space to create the actual product. Their staff is friendly, reliable, and very competent in what they do. The hidden room in my house makes a memorable impression to anyone who sees it, and the mechanics of it opening and closing are very well made. Just dream your project and they will deliver!
-Louise Kircher
Steven and his team did an amazing job installing a hidden passage/custom bookshelf in my office. The hidden door leads to a vintage 80's style arcade. I am very pleased with the process and the final product.
I would highly recommend Creative Home Engineering to anyone looking to create a fun and functional showpiece for their home or office.
I am writing to share my enthusiasm in having the team at Creative Home Engineering help us design and build the opening mechanism for our secret bookcase door that opens into our media room at our lake home.
I called CHE after another company had over-promised and under performed leaving us terribly disappointed in their result. Our heavy bookcase door rotates on car axle bearings with a castor roller under the door for extra support. Steve Humble listened with compassion and after exchanging pictures and discussing different options, he suggested his company could build an operating system that would handle the requirements for our door. I felt relief that someone out there might actually be listening.
I was so excited when the package arrived and I saw the quality of the operating system including the electro-magnetic closing mechanism. The installation was perfect and soon the door was working as promised. It has been a constant pleasure to see the wow factor of our unsuspecting guests' faces when the whole bookcase swings open simply by tilting my favorite library book on the book shelf.
Steve has continued to provide excellent customer service and answers for my questions over the past years we have had our system in place. I am happy to refer him with my highest regard for his service etiquette and personal attention.
-Bobby Glass