Large & Hidden Gun Vaults

Constructing a gun vault in your home can be a fabulous idea, but many people miss out on a critical aspect to it’s security: secrecy.


Building a gun vault will provide a tremendous amount of space for firearms in your home. There are certainly numerous sizes a gun vault can be. Some will simply purchase anything from a mini vault to a large firearm safe. But those with more elaborate collections and high security requirements will design an actual gun vault room in their residence. This provides immensely more space than a firearm safe can offer. While it doesn’t have the portability, vastly more cubic feet are available than a small safe, and a huge variety of handguns, rifles, ammunition, and other gear can be stored comfortably inside.

gun vault


Unfortunately, the vast majority of large gun vaults are designed in a vulnerable way. When reviewing and planning gun vault ideas, people typically assume that the bulkier the door the safer their firearms are. This is far from the truth. In reality, the more gargantuan the door, the more attractive it is to criminals in general and burglars in specific. It doesn’t matter if you have a gun safe with a sophisticated biometric lock, any safe or door can be broken in to with enough time, expertise or manpower. Therefore, an overt gun vault is asking for trouble.


Our company is not just sought after for our expertise in security engineering, but because we are the only company that builds high caliber secret security options. All of our gun vaults are disguised to look like standard doors or completely secret to look like objects of furniture. Vaults range to everything from bookcases to mirrors to wine racks.


By disguising the gun vault entrance, criminals never know to focus their limited time and attention on the very place where most of your firearms and valuables are stored. In addition to the high level of secrecy, our gun vaults in themselves are eminently secure – due to our immense engineering experience. Features include: double shear, all four side locking bolts; multiple layers of thick gauge steel; biometric and algorithm pattern recognition unlocking, and much more.


Despite what you may think, a mansion is not required to install a gun vault. Instead, any existing room or closet can be converted into a secure gun vault. An existing door to a room or even a walk-in closet can be replaced with a secure hidden door, thus creating a secure room. Of course, those looking for the highest end security will design their room’s walls to be reinforced to complement the strength of the entryway, though some options exist for retrofitting.