Secure Panic Room Doors - Hidden Panic Room Entry
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Panic Room Door

Our company specializes in high security panic room doors.


Some companies  focus on storm safety, some on security for your valuables. Our panic rooms are designed for the security of you and your family.

A panic room door is the most critical feature of your panic room. Just as the door will let you inside, so too an inferior one may let criminals inside.

“Panic Room” with Jodi Foster


We provide the component of security that most companies fail to: Secrecy


All of our panic room doors are either disguised or completely hidden. When a criminal can’t find your panic room, they can’t break in to your panic room.


Features Offered In Our Panic Room Doors:


Instant Access to Your Panic Room


In an emergency, a complex lock could keep you from getting to your panic room before and intruder gets to you. Our wide variety of panic room access options range from automated biometrics to tilt-sensitive hidden object. Speed is of the essence, and we can securely provide this.



Panic Room Door Stronger Than Surrounding Wall


If you’ve invested in building the structure of your panic room, a inferior door will be a weak point in your security. Careful selection is needed. The strongest locking door may be easily pried off the wall, or its lock defeated. Our safe room doors are certified forced-entry resistant.


Our extreme high security panic room door upgrades includes a steel composite armor plating equal to UL level 5 standard (capable of stopping a 7.62mm Nato round from an assault rifle fired at close range), steel interior finish,  and a vault style  interior spindle mechanism for manually locking and unlocking the secret door.  This door system comes complete with its own steel door frame that should be anchored to the existing wall and floor structure.

Vault Style Locking Door


Our panic room doors offer massive bank vault-style mechanical locking system employing ten 1” diameter retractable hardened steel shear pins spaced around the door’s perimeter (not just the non-hinge side as in many other vault doors).

This mechanical method allows for unparalleled security to those inside – a criminal can’t use any of your secret external methods of entry. Additionally, this avoids reliance on a power supply, which may be cut off in a home invasion.


Other recommendations for having inside your panic room:


  • Wired communication line in case you aren’t able to grab your cell phone, or its battery is low
  • A calculated amount of water and food safely stored inside
  • One or multiple wireless, hidden cameras positioned in key places throughout your home. TV to view stream in panic room.
  • Basic leisure items to keep children (and adults) calm and occupied



There’s a reason why we are considered the leader in secure and discreet panic room doors, often featured in the news, such as the Daily Mail’s article on us about panic rooms. Our unique combination of engineering expertise with high security experience imbue us with the ability to provide just the right solution for your goals.

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