Why Soundproofing A Secret Door Adds A Valuable Layer of Protection

Why Soundproofing A Secret Door Adds A Valuable Layer of Protection

Noise can be a profound distraction, as many professionals learned throughout the height of the work-from-home season of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dogs barking, kids rough-housing, and doorbells ringing became a consistent presence of online meetings, leaving many to wish for a soundproof space.

But, the actual value of soundproofing is a measurable one when it comes to hidden passageways that lead to secret rooms. 

Regardless of what’s behind a secret door, be it a man cave, a music room, a movie theater or a panic room, it pays to integrate soundproofing measures that benefit the experiences of those using the room and isolates the rest of the home from hearing what’s going on inside. 

Reminiscent of childhood fort-making days, some very basic DIY acoustic techniques include the use of blankets on floors, fabrics on walls and pillows against hard surfaces to absorb sound before it reverberates. However, that kind of soundproofing doesn’t necessarily work as a long-term solution for anyone over the age of 15. 

Not to mention, it likely detracts from the decor in the room. 

For those who use their secret room as a recording studio or to screen movies in private, there are more reasonable acoustic interventions available from a DIY perspective. Those tips include the use of sound curtains, securing shaky items, integrating bookcases into the decor, utilizing acoustic wedge panels and installing a door sweep. 

At Creative Home Engineering, we have the ability to integrate soundproofing into our doors, regardless of the style or purpose of the door. Why would we consider soundproofing? 

Because secret doors are supposed to be a secret. And nothing gives away a secret quicker than an unexpected or unexplained noise. While that is important for the comfort of the rest of the house as a heated poker game heads into the wee hours or an epic action movie extends into the night with its booming bass, soundproofing becomes vital for survival when intruders are in a home.

It is with that in mind that our high security doors, which seamlessly blend into any home design, style or color palette, employ soundproofing mechanisms to keep those behind it safe. 

Not only are the high security secret doors designed and built at Creative Home Engineering rated globally for their safety, but many are fire resistant and bulletproof. In addition, the doors include two inches of rock wool thermal and acoustic insulation — particularly important for those utilizing the doors as gateways to panic rooms. That soundproofing, coupled with drill-resistant steel, an armored, multi-point locking system, and mechanical drop seals that make contact with the floor once the door is sealed, offers a secure hideout for a homeowner and his or her family if and when they are threatened by or in danger from a violent intruder. 

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