The Pure Enjoyment of Secret Doors — Built For Fun

The Pure Enjoyment of Secret Doors — Built For Fun

Homeowners need or want secret doors and hidden passageways for their own unique reasons. Some are designed and installed to shore up security while others are for pure entertainment. From the switches to the appearance to the access panel to what’s behind it, secret doors that are designed for entertainment are not only fun to dream about — they’re fun to build.

At Creative Home Engineering, our first concept for a door — inspired by a movie — was for the novelty of it. And the rest is part of this company’s history, as Creative Home Engineering began designing and building unique, secure secret doors for people all over the world, filling a need in the market that hadn’t yet been met.

Thanks to highly-skilled engineering, and precision manufacturing, the team at Creative Home Engineering has built hundreds of custom doors designed to meet every need and wish of the homeowner using it. And many times that wish involves concealing a space meant for entertainment. 

What does that look like? Let’s see.

Wine cellars. Once reserved for an extremely elite group of homeowners, wine cellars have become more popular in recent years, allowing families and their guests to gather and share wines in a private, set-aside space. Wine cellars as secret rooms can offer a sense of exclusivity, elevating the experience. Homeowners may choose to conceal a hidden wine cellar with a wine rack door, manufactured by our sister company the Hidden Door Store, or create a custom entrance that sits flush with walls in the kitchen or formal dining room. 

Game rooms. Pool tables, foosball tables, ping pong and gaming systems can take up quite a bit of space, offering good reasons for homeowners to want to sequester all the fun in one game room. Concealing the game room with a secret door can be as fun as decorating and outfitting the room itself. The possibilities are almost limitless, from arcade game consoles to phone booths to any number of creative entrance concepts. In much the same way, a man cave or poker room could inspire the use of a secret door for hidden access. 

Speakeasy. Nothing is cooler than a speakeasy, a hidden bar with a secret entrance attempting to conceal the presence of booze — a nostalgic holdover from the prohibition era. Secret doors with hidden passageways offer a fun, creative access point for tucked-away bar areas, be they dedicated to sports or Bond-style martinis or throwback classics like Manhattans and French 75s.

Theater or music rooms. Film aficionados and musicians have something in common — a desire for solid acoustics. Theater rooms and rooms designed specifically for musicians offer a private space for viewing or jamming out and those rooms can be concealed with any number of creative secret doors. From panel doors to stone doors to bookcases and fireplaces, the secret door options for theater or music rooms are almost endless.

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