Panic Rooms Offer Security And Peace of Mind

Panic Rooms Offer Security And Peace of Mind

As surprising as it may sound, the demand for panic rooms is on the rise. And those who are fueling it are ordinary people, no longer exclusively the ultra wealthy or those affiliated with professions that put them at risk.

In fact, a recent story published by the Robb Report, indicated demand has increased fourfold since pre-pandemic measurements. A luxury that was once reserved for those with bottomless bank accounts and a fair amount of paranoia — according to the report — is finding its way into everyday homes where owners are focusing on security and, in some cases, using that room for more than one purpose. 

While the prevalence of crime varies by location, and very likely by personal or professional affiliation, violent crime did jump in 2020 and generally remains higher than it was about 10 years ago, according to statistics. At the same time, the height of the pandemic saw people hunker down in their homes. 

Even as the pandemic waned, many remained in a remote working environment, paying more attention to the safety and security of their homes than previously. The growth of the home security market, and the increasing demand for smart home security, offers some evidence to the intensified focus on security. 

Panic rooms offer a fortified and secure retreat for a homeowner at any time, with the knowledge that only they know how to access it. They can be positioned in areas with quick access, such as off a bedroom, a master suite or off of a living area. And, the rooms can vary widely in design, since the door is just the gateway to it.

At the Hidden Door Store, we offer a couple varieties of secret doors that can act as a gateway to a panic room. Coupled with our anti-burglary guarantee, our high security doors offer peace of mind for those in need of or desiring an added layer of protection. 

These doors protect against extreme forced entry, have been tested and rated by the Department of State for their integrity and liability, and — in some cases — offer bulletproof capabilities. 

With more than a dozen locking bolts, a reinforced steel frame, armored anchors, a pick-resistant lock and a layered, steel panel construction, our high security doors keep those inside safe and those who are outside, out.

In addition, the high security doors we offer for panic rooms at the Hidden Door Store allow homeowners to add automation, from motorized locks to position sensors to biometric access panels. 

All of that technology and protection is housed in doors that are manufactured with precision craftsmanship and finished in an aesthetically-desirable way. At the Hidden Door Store, even panic room doors are a secret, allowing homeowners to choose their materials, their colors and their finishes — fusing safety and style.

Interested in learning more about panic rooms and high security secret doors? Discover what we have to offer. 

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