The Future Of Home Security

Burglar attempting to break in a home window with a crowbar.

The Future Of Home Security

Bulletproof windows are growing in popularity, especially considering the rise in crime in the US. According to statistics, there are 2.5 million burglaries annually in the US. Home invasions account for more than half of these burglaries. With the world rife with criminal activity it’s becoming apparent that new and more dangerous scenarios will continue to occur. 

This shocking reality has homeowners looking for ways to improve their home security. Luckily, the security industry has seen considerable technological advancements in recent years to step up to the challenge, so at Creative Home Engineering, we help secure your family’s safety with bulletproof window technology. 

How Technology And Security Have Merged To Create Ballistic Windows

Leaders in the industry have stepped in and found a way to merge technology and security to create security and ballistic windows for a safer home environment. Below, we’ve shared the two types of safety and security glass that utilize two independent rating systems for glass.

Safety Glass Vs. Security Glass

In the world of toughened glass, there are two types of glass – safety glass and security glass. These types of glass have different purposes, although they are both used to provide protection. 

It’s crucial to note that security glass is not independent from safety glass. The easiest way to understand this is to think of security glass as an upgrade, and then bulletproof security glass as an upgrade within the umbrella of security glass.

Those who choose ‘safety’ glass are choosing a type of glass that has been glazed to reduce the likelihood of an accident by fracture, shattering, impact, or fire. With this type of glass, customers protect their homes against adverse weather conditions like hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, and falling or striking objects. In contrast, ‘security’ glass belongs to the bullet-resistant ballistic glass class. Security glass is created to withstand deliberate attacks like ballistic, blast, or manual attacks. 

A window provider will help the client select the right glass, thickness, glazing, and framing to withstand the necessary resistance required for the protection that best suits their needs. This is because security or safety glass can perform differently based on the framing system used, so high-performance framing systems are used to ensure the required protection is achieved. 

Understanding Advancements In Ballistic Resistance That Adapt To Varying Threat Levels – The Standards

Deciding you want ballistic windows in your home is the first step. The second is determining the level of safety or security glass you must install to meet your home’s safety and security needs. 

There are numerous glass levels capable of stopping different threat levels. Typically, the higher the ballistic ratings on your ballistic windows, the better your window’s chance of absorbing the force from projectiles thrown, rammed, or shot at it. Have a look at the below sections to learn more about the safety and security standards resistant glass needs to meet. 

EN 12600 Glass in building – Pendulum Test

The EN 12600 Pendulum Test replaced the swing bat test. This testing method is used to classify flat glass products to determine their performance under and by impact mode. 

  • Glass that is classified as a Type A after the test is performed is noted as containing numerous crashes with separate fragments consisting of sharp edges. 
  • Glass classified as Type B after the test has numerous cracks but the fragments hold together with no separation. 
  • Glass classified as Type C after the test does not break or break in accordance with drop height breakage standards. 

EN 1063 Glass in building – Security Glazing Bullet-Resistant Test

The EN 1063 Test measures the performance of glazed security glass to determine its bullet-resistant rating based on attacks by rifles, shotguns, and handguns. During this test, a sheet of glass is shot three times at the vertices of an equilateral triangle. If the bullet rounds do not pierce the glass, then the required class is achieved, and it is classified as NS or No Splinters. The glass must be restricted as S or Splinters if it has been pierced. 

The Creative Home Engineering Difference – Bulletproof Windows

At Creative Home Engineering, we recognize that innovations in technology and security have merged to create stronger ballistic windows (security glass windows). Our company uses industry-leading toughened resistant glass that has undergone a unique glazing process and in-house framings that utilize advanced design and durable materials to provide high levels of protection for homeowners. 

Our toughened glass undergoes a heating and cooling process on the final glass size. This process creates high compressive stresses at the surface level of the glass, allowing the central glass’s tensile stresses to be balanced, increasing its strength. This process results in four to five times stronger glass than other glass types with the same thickness level. Although toughened glass can still break under severe impacts, it won’t shatter and cause injury since the glass will break into blunt-edged fragments. 

Additionally, we can accommodate any glass thickness, with our maximum for any dimension being 118 inches. Clients can choose between several glassing options we have available. In addition, we can design the bullet-resistant windows to be fixed, awning style, casement, or single hung, with each window having a maximum area of 40 square feet. Those looking for maximum protection can install our highest ballistic level glass that is as thin as one inch thick and weighs in at only 27 pounds per square foot. 

Our ballistic windows eliminate weak points that pose security risks while being aesthetically pleasing. No one will know that the windows are ballistic in nature, and the seamless aesthetic provides an added layer of safety and security.

Toughened Glass Applications

Toughened glass meets industry safety and security standards and is approved for use in doors and adjacent panels, passageways, high pedestrian traffic areas, shower and bath enclosures, and balconies. The glass we use at Creative Home Engineering features: 

  • A four to five times stronger performing glass than ordinary glass. 
  • A reduced risk of thermal stress breakages related to solar radiation. 
  • The thickest glass achieves the highest security classification of 1 (c). 
  • Heat-stoking capabilities for extra confidence in its uses. 

Ballistic Armor Is Not Just For The Famous – Creative Home Engineering is for Everyone

Ballistic windows aren’t a luxury. In fact, they are becoming necessary for many US homeowners. Although they might not be infallible, they can provide you, your family, and your possessions with a fighting chance should you ever find your home security compromised. 

At Creative Home Engineering, we give you access to ballistic armor windows. Our ballistic windows are carefully designed, created, manufactured, and installed to provide you with the protection you need.

Contact us here to learn more about our process and how we can help you.