How Precision Plays A Role In Our Hidden Doors

How Precision Plays A Role In Our Hidden Doors

The best hiding spots are the ones that go unnoticed. Everyone remembers that from their youthful, hide-and-seek days. And when it comes to home security concerns as adults, a similar mantra applies. 

Secret doors that seamlessly blend into a home’s design and decor can truly go completely undetected, if the homeowner wants them to. At Creative Home Engineering, our not-so-secret ingredient to designing and building unnoticeable hidden doors is our commitment to precision. 

In order to create a secure secret space, accessed by a door that is intended to be hidden, precision has to be the most prominent factor. That precision allows for an accurate fit, for flush closure and for a level of long-term durability that isn’t found in inferior doors. And most of all, that precision leads to optimal concealment and ultimately protection, which is the overall intention of the door.

It is that unwavering dedication to precision that also influences our level of craftsmanship when manufacturing our secret doors and finishing them, often with premium woodwork and at times with stone or other high quality materials. We test each door to make sure it opens and closes in a way that is not only functional but also allows it to be undetectable — ensuring stone aligns perfectly, seams disappear and panels line up when the door is closed, and switches engage as they are designed.

Our experienced team of highly qualified engineers make sure that every door is designed to strict specifications and built to match them so that they perform flawlessly when they’re used. Doors used for security need that type of commitment on the front end, because there is no room for compromise should an emergency arise. 

Perhaps one of the most notable benefits of working with us at Creative Home Engineering to create a secret door designed for security is the fact that we customize every door for fit and use, which circles back to our commitment to precision. Our doors are designed to be 1-of-1, which allows them to integrate into a specific aesthetic environment, perform a specific function and fit into a specific space.

Not everyone has room under their stairs for a secret passageway, just like not everyone has a wall available for a secret door disguised as a wine rack. With our custom-crafted doors, we work with clients to determine the best space in a home for concealment and safety. Sometimes that might simply mean introducing a high-security door to an existing door frame in the home.

High-security doors, which are fire rated, insulated and in some cases bulletproof, can be customized in a number of ways. And, those security measures can fortify access to a panic room, office or bedroom even when combined with a camouflaged access point, meaning security can work in tandem with a certain desired aesthetic feel. 

Learn more about our high-security doors here, or contact our team to discuss specifications for a secret door you’re considering. 

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