How Our Secret Doors Offer Eco-Friendly Elegance And Support Sustainable Living

How Our Secret Doors Offer Eco-Friendly Elegance And Support Sustainable Living

Sustainability has become a priority for consumers. In fact, a recent survey found that 78% of American consumers value and prioritize a sustainable lifestyle. To achieve that, consumers are making choices that reduce their impact on the planet, from being particular about packaging to choosing products made with very specific materials.

At Creative Home Engineering, we understand.

Knowing that sustainability is one of the most prominent lifestyle trends out there, specifically within the realm of home decor, we thought it might be helpful for homeowners to better understand how our secret doors at Creative Home Engineering support eco-friendly goals. 

To be sure, our doors aren’t recyclable. But, the way they are built allows us to say they have sustainable traits and eco-friendly benefits that allow sustainability-minded homeowners to rest easy.

Locally-sourced materials. We don’t scour the world for rare stocks of lumber that have to be shipped in from far-flung regions. Instead, we source our materials locally, not far from our Arizona shop where we design and manufacture every one of our doors. Sourcing locally does not diminish the quality of the lumber we use, as we are committed to utilizing exclusively premium lumber, but it does eliminate any need to find materials that require shipping or come with an exorbitant carbon footprint. 

Built in-house. At Creative Home Engineering, we are a one-stop shop for secret doors. What that means is, we design, build, finish, test and sometimes install every door we make in house. From inception to installation, the door is with us and our team, which means we’re not shipping it to different facilities throughout the manufacturing process. It is impossible to know how every business operates, but we do know that this process — for us — allows us to minimize emissions while managing timelines and quality control. 

Enduring quality. While we love welcoming back return customers who were so happy with our work that they’d like to create and build another door, and we work with a number of clients who have multiple doors in their homes, we build doors with the long haul in mind. In other words, our work is sustainable over the long term. It does not have a designated lifespan, as certain products do. Designed for durability and performance, and built with precision and premium craftsmanship, the custom secret doors at Creative Home Engineering have an enduring quality that is hard to deny. They are fixtures in homes for quite some time, outlasting many other aspects of finishes throughout a home — from furnishings to fixtures.

Customization. Every one of our doors at Creative Home Engineering is customized to a homeowner’s wants and needs. That customization can extend to include sustainable or eco-friendly elements — from the secret switch to the type of paint we use to finish the door. Of course, our commitment to quality will require us to determine if a door can integrate a certain sustainable or eco-friendly feature, but it’s always worth investigating whether or not something will work! 

To explore what’s possible with our selection of secret doors, browse our gallery of projects. 

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