Hidden Doors That Hold Value

Hidden Doors That Hold Value

Hidden doors, very often, conceal something of value for homeowners. From high-profile collections to exquisite jewels to a safe, secure outpost — the investment a homeowner makes in a hidden door is only wasted if the quality of the door doesn’t measure up to its costs or if it detracts from a home’s overall integrity. 

Both of those circumstances are possible when working with lower quality manufacturers or choosing a cost-conscious route to acquiring a hidden door. At the Hidden Door Store, we’ve seen it happen, and we’ve answered countless calls from distressed homeowners who tried to save a few bucks with one of our competitors only to hope we could somehow help fix a predictable malfunction.

We’ve also heard from frustrated homeowners who ask us to replace a door they’ve purchased elsewhere with one of our doors. 

The doors we offer at the Hidden Door Store, which may be priced a bit higher than other options available on the market, are a true investment. And there are reasons for that.

A high quality hidden door has the potential to impact the market value of a home. When compared side by side to a similar home that doesn’t include a premium secret door, the home with one is definitely viewed as one that includes an upgrade or a unique amenity — in much the same way that homes with sport courts, swimming pools and spa features are viewed.

But ultimately, it all comes down to quality. 

At the Hidden Door Store, we can say we build high quality secret doors because of the level and precision of craftsmanship that goes into every door. The same, highly-skilled team that works to design and build our custom doors also designs and manufactures the doors we have available at the Hidden Door Store. 

The materials we use, from the hinges to the steel and wood, add a layer of reliability and integrity to the door that isn’t seen across the industry. And, our commitment to creating hidden seams and doors that open with little effort, means homeowners won’t have to worry about mechanical failures or difficulty when operating the door. 

Of course, who can forget the fun factor? Our options for customization are unrivaled, and our ability to design fun, creative switches allows our engineers and the homeowners we work with to think outside the box. 

To be sure, it’s easy to find cheap secret doors online. And homeowners will ask us about them. Since we’ve seen them and worked with homeowners who have gone that route before coming to us, we know that these options are good for people who:

  • Are confident in their installation skills, the tools they have available and don’t value an easy set-up.
  • Are able to wire doors on their own.
  • Don’t need a locking mechanism.
  • Are comfortable with gaps that allow light to shine through.
  • Expect the door to see light use or will use it purely for the novelty of it.

If any of that sounds undesirable, or doesn’t align with expectations, consider a worthy investment in a door from the Hidden Door Store. To see what’s available, browse our showroom.

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Hidden Door Store, a Gilbert, Arizona-based company, designs and manufactures a variety of premium secret doors disguised as bookcases, wine racks and hutches, among other options. An offshoot of Creative Home Engineering, which has been an innovative leader in the field of hidden passageway design for more than 20 years, Hidden Door Store allows homeowners to install a “hidden gem” inside their home. Learn more at www.hiddendoorstore.com