Fortifying Your Home: Choosing The Right Security Door For Your Family

Fortifying Your Home: Choosing The Right Security Door For Your Family

Security means different things to different people. Where some families only feel secure with a state-of-the-art security system and a guard house, others feel totally protected by a family dog that won’t let anything unfamiliar go unnoticed. 

Somewhere along that home security spectrum lies security doors, a choice that fortifies a home’s entrance in an exponential way, when compared to traditional front doors. 

Why would a security door be an attractive option for families versus a typical front door? There are a number of reasons. Previous break-ins are one compelling reason to consider a more fortified entrance. An intruder in a home, whether there is anyone home at the time or not, is a traumatic experience. And it’s not uncommon for that experience to reveal vulnerabilities that a homeowner may want to address to make sure his or her family not only feels safe, but is safe. 

Certain professions come with risks, as does the ownership of certain items — from valuables to collectibles to cash. A security door, like the ones we design and build at Creative Home Engineering, offer a sometimes necessary layer of protection to prevent any unauthorized access to a home. 

Choosing the Right Security Door

Choosing the right security door to meet the needs of a family, and the items or spaces that need to be protected, comes with options. Metal screen doors add a layer of locks to a home’s entrance and composite doors provide a respectable defense against intruders. Both are good options, and both upgrade a home’s security beyond a traditional front door.

But, those who need next-level protection — the type that is utilized by heads of state and royalty around the world — should consider a more robust, high-security option. The high-security doors we offer at Creative Home Engineering offer protection while also blending in with a home’s decor and aesthetic, so it won’t stand out in an intrusive way. Most of its power is invisible, hidden beneath the surface. Yet, the level of home security the door offers is beyond comparison. 

The interiors of our high-security doors, and their door frames, are fabricated with either 16-gauge or 22-gauge steel, both of which include an optional fire rating. Utilizing an armored, 20-point locking mechanism, the doors are also encased in a drill-resistant manganese steel. In addition, our security doors can be equipped with ballistic resistance strong enough to withstand a prolonged barrage of bullets. 

Perhaps the most surprising elements of our high-security doors, though, is the fact that they come pre-hung for easy installation and are finished with acoustic insulation and decorative panels, allowing them to protect a home while seamlessly integrating into it. 

Learn more about our custom secret doors, including those that offer improved home security, here. Or contact our team to discuss specifications for a secret door you’re considering. 

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