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Disguised residential vault door

An obvious vault is a vault at risk.

Obvious Vault Doors Attract Criminals

Like most people, you probably have all sorts of visitors to your home, from repairmen to new guests. These people themselves are likely all trustworthy, but they may mention the presence of a “large vault door” to just the wrong person, leaving you at risk of burglar’s attraction. Wouldn’t you tell your friends about something unusual you saw at work that day? Losing control over knowledge of your vault is a stressful situation.

Obvious Vault Doors Can Be Defeated

No matter how thick the door, a few minutes with a large pry bar or a even a $20 edge grinder may be enough to break in to many residential vaults. You’ve likely seen multiple online videos showing large safes being cut open from the side, picked from the front, or pried open from the edges. But vaults are even more vulnerable: every wall becomes an entry point.

Obvious Vault Doors Put Walls At Risk

A vault door acts as a beacon to a burglar that the most valuables items in the home are within this room. The criminal now knows to spend all his time here – yet this the place you hope he most avoids! Even if concrete reinforced or lined with bullet resistant fiberglass, a criminal can use effective tools on any vulnerability in the walls, floors or ceiling.

Example Walk-in Gun Safes Using Our Secret Doors

Big Gun Safe or Walk-In Gun Safe?

Which is Better?

1. Storage Size

Gun Room DoorA gun room provides much more space than a big gun safe. For example, suppose you have a 4 foot square closet. If you hide a gun safe inside, you have space for a few guns. If however, you instead add a gun room door to the closet, you have space for maybe 30 guns! Suppose we look at one of the largest gun safe, such as the Fort Knox Guardian 7261 Vault. This is designed to hold up to 100 weapons, depending on weapon size. This giant gun safe only provides internal space of about 68″ height, 58″ width, and 22″ depth.

By simply adding a door clients create entire secure rooms for their firearms and other valuables. You don’t want to buy a large gun safe only to later realize in a mere year’s it’s just much too small! We have clients all the time who works with us because year after year they realize they are running out of space in their gun safe and want to construct a walk in gun safe instead.

2. Price

While counter-intuitive, big gun safes can cost significantly more than creating an actual gun room – despite being much smaller. This is because a walk in gun room leverages the space that is ALREADY in your home! With a gun safe, you are paying a significant amount for the material to simply encompass air.

How much does the big 100 gun safe mentioned above cost? Over $7,000. How much does one of our secret doors cost? Starting at just $1,600. On top of that, this same Fort Knox Guardian 7261 Vault weighs 1660lbs. Imagine the cost of shipping that to your home! What about the cost of just moving it from one room of your house to another?

gun room door

Look at this giant safe – This must be a good house to rob!

3. Fire Safety

This is where a big gun safe can succeed. Gun safes can be rated to different levels of fire safety, which indicate how long it can withstand a burning room before taking damage. However, one can relatively easily provide fire retardant sprays to increase the fire protection to their gun room. But there is an additional very easy solution. Those with high value firearms can simply keep their most valuable firearms in a fire-safe container within the walk in gun room.

4. Security

Expensive home security structures can come in all price points and types: from hardened steel plates to high tech security systems.

But, what you’ve been told by your local safe salesman is wrong – security is not equivalent to buying the bulkiest gun safe. Security is of limited value without secrecy. A giant safe tells people that your home has something worth stealing. Unfortunately, even with basic tools, a criminal can usually break in to a safe in just a few minutes – just do a quick search of Youtube to see. That’s why secrecy is a critical aspect to security.

And this is is where the biggest value of a walk in gun safe comes in. Rather than have a giant safe visible in the open leading visitors imagination to run wild, simply by using a secret vault door your valuable firearms will never be located. That is why it is important to not settle for a standard vault door, but rather a SECRET vault door. This is what our company has been specializing in, for 12 years.

Example: Armoire Vault Door

” Even the biggest gun safe only protects objects. A walk in gun safe can also protect your family

-Steve Humble, Founder

We’ve worked with clients at the highest end of security requirements – from royalty to ransom targets – allowing us to share the best practices in creating a walk in gun room. A gun room is consistently far superior to a your standard gun safe.

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