Secure & Discreet Safe Room Doors

Safe Room Doors are a common application of our highly secure secret doors. The high level and discreet form of security our products offer make them a perfect option for entering a residential or commercial safe room.


Safe rooms are typically designed around a focus of protection of life. They provide a safe emergency space for a client’s family and them self. There are various threats that may need to be protected against. These can include arbitrary home invasion, targeted home invasion, sophisticated burglaries, kidnapping and ransom attempts, personal hate crimes, political hate targeting, business executive hate targeting and more.


We design our custom safe room doors with these specific-use and threat level scenarios in mind. Unlike other safe room doors, our doors provide complete secrecy. This feature is often missing in traditional security methods. By installing a disguised safe room door in your residential or commercial location a criminal will never realize where the objects and people of value are in the first place. In contrast, a safe room entry that is clearly visible provides a significant risk: the invading criminal or team of criminals can spend their limited time but possibly large manpower and sophisticated tools on extracting your loved ones from what is supposed to be the one safe room of the house. The overt door beckons their attention, which leads to the the walls surrounding the safe room attracting their attention, which may lead to even the floor and ceiling of the secure room attracting their attention. Secrecy is a critical part of security – don’t point the criminal to your most prized possessions.


In addition to secrecy, our doors are built with high levels of security features, matching to your custom application. Four-side steel locking pins and mechanical vault locking features are frequently part of our panic room upgrades. UL III to VIII Bullet resistance is also a feature available on our safe room doors.

The homeowners access of the the safe room door is another important factor. A slow unlocking or slow opening door can be an impediment between preserving your loved one’s life. We therefore design two levels of locking for our doors: one for while the homeowner is outside the door, and one for when securely inside. When outside, the client can quickly open their safe room door by various means, including a hidden pin button, covert fingerprint scanner and many  more options. Electromagnetic locks instantly release, and the door can be outfitted with automated opening for instant entry.


But a whole different set of locking mechanisms are available inside the door to the client to provide unparalleled protection to the threat from without. Once safely inside, the client typically will turn a mechanical vault wheel to engage mechanical, double shear, four side locking pins. This provides virtually impenetrable protection from what is on the outside of the door. Additionally, a secondary system of electromagnetic locks will typically engage to provide a perfect seal, thus preventing any movement which would be typical when pulling and pushing on any standard vault door. The criminal will never know there is a door there.