How Secret Doors Create Privacy

How Secret Doors Create Privacy

The popularity of open floor plans has facilitated airy, spacious layouts that flow from one room to the next, but they also leave little room for privacy — which can be a need and a want for families, individuals and business owners. 

Certain business conversations require discretion or a quiet space. Busy families may relish a moment to disconnect from distractions in a private space. And, parents with busy, young families may love the idea of having a retreat that is all their own. 

A secret door, leading to a tucked away, concealed space, offers an exclusive, private hideaway for any of those reasons and more. If creating or improving privacy at home is a priority, in an era where more adults are working from home and more students are connecting to school remotely, a secret door is one way to achieve it. 

Here are three reasons why. 

Hidden switches. Regular doors are able to close, but they may not offer a level of privacy that someone is looking for. Secret doors, that open only when a hidden switch is activated properly, offer an added layer of privacy. Switches at Creative Home Engineering can run the gamut, from books that tilt to statues that need to be tipped to wine bottles that need to be twisted — and beyond. We often custom design a switch to a client’s preferences, to match their home’s decor, showcase their personal interests or add even more novelty to their secret door. 

Soundproofing + insulation. Secret rooms, tucked behind custom secret doors, can be used for entertainment (think movie rooms or game rooms), panic rooms, private offices or any number of other purposes. The common denominator is that privacy for those spaces is elevated by soundproofing and insulation, which secret rooms incorporate. Even some of our secret doors at Creative Home Engineering, including our high-security doors, include insulation to promote soundproofing. 

Safety + privacy. A desire for privacy stems from a number of motivations. Certain conversations, related to business, legal matters, family affairs or finances, could require discretion. But, secret rooms and the hidden doors that disguise them could also act as secure spaces offering protection for valuables or firearms — or even family members — in the event of an emergency. Our high-security doors protect against forced entry in ways others on the market don’t, providing layers of redundancy should one layer be compromised. And, the ballistic-rated, galvanized steel used in the doors are bulletproof and resistant to drills. 

Learn more how secret rooms and secret doors can improve privacy here, or contact our team to discuss specifications for a secret door you’re considering. 

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