Expectations For A Fully Customized Hidden Door?

Manufacturing engineer on floor of shop building a hidden door.

Expectations For A Fully Customized Hidden Door?

Adding a fully customized door to your home makes it a more personalized space. You can make your house more modern since secret door ideas are growing more popular each year. Check out how the Creative Home Engineering team makes hidden passageways possible so you can visualize every step of your upcoming renovation adventure.

1. You’ll Start by Collaborating With Our Team

Personalizing the inside of your home is a common experience — nearly 70% of U.S. homeowners renovated some interior part of their houses in 2022. A hidden door could be the next project that makes your home feel complete, especially when you work with the experienced Creative Home Engineering team.

When you contact our experts, they’ll schedule a call to discuss your project in detail. They work with clients who know exactly what they want and individuals with only general doorway ideas. You can start the phone call with these details already prepared:

  • A general idea of what you want, like secret passageway designs, hidden door placements or even locking mechanisms
  • Where your door will go
  • How it will hide within your home

Part of the collaborative experience depends on what you have on standby to help the team visualize your project. Bring helpful tools like:

  • Pictures of where you want your door
  • Floor plans, if you have them
  • Measurements of your renovation space
  • Sketches of the door you’re imagining

These details help your engineers know what you want and what you have to work with, like an existing build structure that supports specific door types. They’ll form a design plan before walking you through the exact materials your door will need and how your selections will impact the project’s final price tag.

2. You’ll Review Customization Options and Upfront Pricing

Clients don’t have to commit to any project before getting their quotes. After the Creative Home Engineering team knows what secret door ideas appeal to you, they’ll break your project into details like:

  • Evolving cost proposals based on the selections you make while designing your custom door
  • Line items per door feature and material
  • Customization options with clear prices you can add or remove from your project

After reviewing your options and prices, you’ll decide what’s best for your budget. The design team will revise the proposal and send an updated version multiple times if necessary. When you feel confident about the project and its price, you’ll pay a deposit equal to 25% of your proposal.

3. You’ll Contact an Installation Contractor With the Details

Your modern home upgrade will be ready to schedule once you secure the project with your deposit. Whether you want a secret security door that protects your belongings with ballistic-resistant steel or a fun doorway for your child’s playroom, the Creative Home Engineering design experts will send a computer-aided design (CAD) model that includes the following features:

  • The CAD model and corresponding drawing package
  • 3D views of your door and the hidden rooms behind it
  • Cutaway views
  • Power supply indicators
  • Door measurements
  • Notations regarding where switches go

Even if your door is larger than the average 32-36 inches wide, your contractor can easily install it with the extra details provided in your drawing package.

Call the Creative Home Engineering team if you have any questions about your project’s details. They aim to answer anything you might wonder about before any work begins. It’s also a usual part of the process, as 80% of clients request revisions after paying their deposit. The updates don’t add extra charges unless you opt for more costly features.

When you feel confident about your drawing package, contact a local contractor about your vault door or hidden passageway project. They’ll install the door according to the design resources.

4. You’ll Make an Initial Deposit to Start the Creation Process

The initial 25% deposit clients make in step two is only the first part of a typical payment plan. The rest of the financial arrangement steps work as follows:

  • After ordering your custom secret bookcase door or vault shield doorway, you’ll get an invoice for the next 25% of your project’s fee.
  • The faster you pay this invoice, the sooner your door gets added to the Creative Home Engineering team’s project queue.
  • Paying the second 25% deposit in this step finalizes your design and locks in the total price.

Once you make this second payment, you can’t make further changes without increasing your project’s overall cost. The Creative Home Engineering team uses your payments to start this process:

  • They order supplies for every detail created during the collaboration and revision process.
  • They construct the door.
  • They test it to guarantee it works.
  • They send photos before and after testing, plus updates on the team’s progress.

Creating hidden rooms takes time for each client. The unique design for each order means the fabrication and testing timeline may not be the same for everyone. However, continual updates ensure you’ll always know what’s happening with your future door.

5. You’ll Install the Door With Phone Support as Needed

After you receive your photos from the Creative Home Engineering experts, you’ll get your final balance invoice. These are the last steps you’ll take with our team before your door arrives at your home:

  • You’ll pay the last invoice covering the remaining 50% of your project quote.
  • Our team will load your door into a secure crate with installation instructions.
  • You’ll get a shipping notification to understand when your door will arrive at your address.
  • Your local contractor will install your hidden door with the instructional guide in the shipment’s packaging.

Less than five percent of Creative Home Engineering orders require a team member to fly out for in-person installation. If your project requires it, an additional travel fee will become part of your pricing package.

Don’t worry about not having a team member on-site when your secret passageway project begins. Every client gets free unlimited phone and video call support before, during and after installation. A standard two-year warranty also covers any door-related concerns related to its manufacturing.

Contact the Creative Home Engineering Team to Get Started

The Creative Home Engineering experts know how to bring any client’s secret door ideas to life. No matter your design dreams or home layout, our team enjoys brainstorming high-quality projects with clients to invent something completely new in each household. Start your design adventure today by calling our team with your creative secret passageway ideas.