Designing The Ultimate Hidden Room For Firearm Storage

Designing The Ultimate Hidden Room For Firearm Storage

Gun ownership is an American right, but it also comes with the responsibility of safe and proper storage. Whether you own a gun for personal protection or find joy in collecting different types of guns in admiration of their craftsmanship, the necessity of secure storage still exists. 

According to the Pew Research Center, about 40% of Americans live in households with a gun, while just less than a third of Americans personally own a firearm. Far and away, personal protection is the main reason gun owners purchased a firearm, followed by hunting, sport shooting, collecting and as required for their profession.

Some homeowners choose to utilize a gun safe or other type of safe for storage. And, depending on the size and type of gun, that might work just fine. But, larger collections and firearms may require additional storage and safekeeping — which is where a secret room comes into play.

A Secret Room for Firearm Collections

Regardless of the type of storage a gun owner uses, there is no room for compromise when it comes to firearm safety. The risks of unsafe gun storage are just too great, particularly when children are in the home. 

At Creative Home Engineering, we have extensive experience designing and manufacturing secret doors that allow for safe and hidden gun storage. And, we also have considerable experience designing spaces behind those doors to accommodate those firearms, from shooting ranges to firearm showrooms. 

For those who are considering a secret room for safe gun storage, our experience creating spaces that are properly ventilated and equipped with climate control — to mitigate or prevent the presence of unwanted, rust-causing moisture and particle build up — is critical. After all, gun owners want their collections protected against the elements as much as they want weapons protected from people who shouldn’t be using them. 

A secret room checks both of those boxes. 

As for concealment, our secret doors are specifically designed to go undetected, even if they’re front-and-center in a highly-trafficked area of the home. Precise engineering and manufacturing allows our doors to virtually disappear into their facade, from bookcases to mirrors to wine racks, while our patented hinges ensure that the door can hold its load over time without warping or scraping and ultimately revealing itself to anyone who sees it. 

Our custom doors allow homeowners in search of creative and secure gun storage to choose how a secret room or safe can be accessed. From biometric technology to keypads to remote sensors that trigger unique access points — like twisting a wine bottle or tilting a specific book — the options for access are almost limitless. 

From design to style to access, secure and concealed gun storage with a secret door or secret room is a completely customizable experience. 

Learn more about our custom secret doors, here. Or contact our team to discuss specifications for a secret door you’re considering. 

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