Wall Gun Safe

A wall gun safe offers a secure method of firearm storage in a space maximizing and convenient way.


Those knowledgeable about home construction know that our walls hold a lot of dead space between drywall and wall studs. For centuries people have been using the space within walls to store valuables. We’ve all heard the stories of people during a remodel who break open a wall and are shocked to discover a stockpile of jewelry, cash or precious metals.

Wall Gun Safe

Walls can provide a secure space but until recently it was extremely inconvenient to access ones valuables and guns stored within them. The same feature that made them so hidden, also made them so hard for the owner to get to!


That’s completely changed with the increasing prevalence of wall gun safes. These wall safes provide all the benefits of using your wall space without the historic drawbacks of forgotten valuables.


Benefits of a wall gun safe:

  • Use the space in your walls that otherwise is wasted
  • Securely anchor your safe in to wall studs
  • Locate safe in convenient area of your home
  • Can be disguised with picture frame or furniture

Downsides of a wall gun safe:

  • Depth is generally limited to 4” due to wall thickness
  • Width is generally limited to 16” due to space in between studs
  • Locking system and security may be less robust due to size limitations


The final point, about disguising a wall gun safe, is particularly important to avoiding burglary of your firearms and other prized possessions. This style of safe is well suited to be hidden because it fits so well in to it’s surrounding, but those who do not choose to cover up their safe are sorely missing out on a security opportunity.


A gun safe between the wall studs can be covered by many objects including a large picture frame, a poster, or even a light piece of furniture like a flat backed chair. But an event better concealment is to work with a wall safe that is already designed to be hidden. One great option is the mirror safe. The mirror safe looks like a regular wall mirror but in reality is just the façade of a in-wall gun safe. Its depth fits between the wall studs, allowing space for items including long guns. The mirror part itself sits in front of the wall appearing just like a normal mirror. The mirror unlocks by placing an RFID card on a certain spot of the mirror, which then slides to the side to reveal the safe behind.


But the best in-wall gun safe option is to instead turn your walls into a gun safe themselves. Rather than hiding a safe in your wall, instead use your walls to become a hidden safe. It is much simpler than it sounds. Simply replace a door to a room or closet with a gun safe door. Our wall gun safe doors fit right in to a door opening and appear to look like a regular item of furniture – such as a bookcase or mirror. The secret door is fully assembled by our team and is anchored the homeowner or a contractor right in to the wall studs of the door opening. The hidden entrance therefore turns the existing room or closet into a complete hidden safe. This both solves the sizing limitations of a in-wall gun safe and also allows you to have much more robust security than a standalone wall gun safe provides.