Hidden Security: Design That Works

Hidden Security: Design That Works

The beauty of a secret door is its design. In order to remain effectively hidden, a secret door must blend in with its surroundings and — we think — be integrated into a decor or design element that a room would realistically include.

Put simply, the door needs to fit in both a functional and aesthetic way. 

Doors that are designed for a distinct security purpose, to be used in a way that extends beyond pure entertainment and novelty, can still fit the bill of being functional and aesthetically cohesive to a home’s design and decor. At Creative Home Engineering, we can say that because we’ve built doors that do exactly that.

There are a number of reasons why a homeowner may need a secure, secret door. We’ve worked with clients who want to protect a wide range of items with the added security of a secret door, from firearms to collectibles to their own personal space. Since our team at Creative Home Engineering designs and builds custom doors to fit the needs and aspirations of individual homeowners, the sky’s the limit when it comes to form and function. 

Here are a few examples of secure secret doors that are also visually appealing and add to a home’s overall presentation.

High security stone door: As part of a stone wall, we’ve integrated a high security stone door into a room in a way that is completely flush with the rest of the wall. This door is not only stunning and aesthetically cohesive, it is bulletproof and relies on an electromagnetic locking system. We did something similar with a more fragmented design when the door opens, offering a different, artistic take on the door’s access point. 

Gold leaf armoire: A secret door armoire looks, feels and acts as any armoire would — complete with interior hooks and a bar to hang jackets and dresses. The one significant exception is that the back panel opens to a secret room using biometric access. This door in particular includes features similar to a vault door. 

Bookcase vault door: The Wall Street Journal featured our bookcase vault door, which utilizes two elaborate panels to conceal a vault door that provides security for firearm storage. The door utilizes a sequenced, electromagnetic locking system and effectively disguises the vault behind it. 

High security mirror: It turns out, a mirror can be a statement piece while also being bulletproof. At Creative Home Engineering, we understand that these two needs exist, which is why our high security mirror utilizes an electromagnetic locking system (with 1-inch, steel shear pins) on its vault door while offering a functional, outward-facing, full-length mirror. 

High security fireplace: A fireplace is a mainstay design element for many homes, which makes its use as a concealer for a high security door reasonable. We’ve built a number of unique fireplace doors — which slide, rotate or open — and all of them offer a layer of security with the materials we use, the locking system we integrate or the door we utilize on the interior. 

The locking mechanism will vary depending on the type of door and the purpose of that door. For example, if a high-security door will be used as an access point to a safe room, we would install a locking configuration that allows for the homeowner to enter quickly and easily while also including the ability to disable the lock’s exterior functionality. 

When time is of the essence, a homeowner needs quick, easy access to a space that can’t be accessed from the outside once that homeowner is inside. But, if a high-security door will be used to protect valuables, we’d likely install a locking configuration that takes more time while offering exceptional security — from a fingerprint pad to an iris scanner to a facial recognition device to a keypad. 

Discover what’s possible by browsing our full gallery. 

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