A Secret Door For Every Varietal Of Wine

A Secret Door For Every Varietal Of Wine

Wine cellars, and even less formal collections of wine, have grown in popularity in recent years. Industry analysis reveals that wine sales are up more than 17%, and with that growth has come a need for storage. 

Once wine connoisseurs graduate to a level of having a certain number of bottles in the house, a simple wine rack may not suffice for adequate storage. Innovative options, with presentation in mind, may be desired — if not an entire room dedicated to a person’s ever-growing wine collection. 

Wooden and metal racks have evolved to glass-encased wine walls that control temperature and allow for a visible display of an impressive collection. And for those interested in creating a space dedicated to that collection, and the tasting that inevitably comes with it, a secret door could provide a classy gateway to a modern wine cellar — even if it isn’t technically underground. 

At Creative Home Engineering, we’ve designed and built countless secret doors that lead to wine rooms, incorporating unique features along the way that speak to the wine-minded homeowner. Of course, not all wine cellars are in homes. Restaurants with wine rooms have the opportunity to create a moment of interest for patrons when they incorporate a secret door into their wine experience.

From the simple to the extravagant, we’ve done it. Our wine rack secret door, for example, holds bottles of wine on the exterior but has the ability to open up to reveal anything behind it — from an expanded collection to a reserve collection to a private tasting room.

When it comes to switches, our engineers are able to create access “buttons” that require someone to turn a certain bottle of wine a specific way in order for the door to open. We’ve worked with clients to utilize unique bottles, like those with customized labels, as switches. And our team’s ability to create a truly one-of-a-kind, secret door experience for wine enthusiasts extends to rotating and sliding walls, secret staircases and panels that disappear into their surroundings. 

What is behind those custom secret doors is entirely up to the owner, be it a traditional tasting room lined by wine racks or a temperature-controlled environment for an expanded collection to be enjoyed elsewhere. Regardless, wine cellar inspiration does not end at a rack or shelf. By incorporating a secret door into the mix, it elevates the presentation of an impressive collection that is itself a curated, inspired investment. 

Just like the abundance of options available when it comes to wine, so too is there an endless amount of opportunity for creativity when it comes to wine cellars and wine rooms, and the secret doors that conceal them. As wine-lovers are well aware, there’s “a Riesling for everything.”

Learn more about our custom secret doors, including those for wine cellars and wine rooms, here. Or contact our team to discuss specifications for a secret door you’re considering. 

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