Concealed Vault Doors

Creative Home Engineering vaults employ several security solutions to safeguard your valuables. A thief can not break into something he doesn’t know exists; therefore, concealment is the primary security measure of a Creative Home Engineering vault door. Our vault doors also feature a super heavy duty locking system for a strong resistance to forced entry, as well as a stainless steel interior finish, and the ability to interface with an existing home security system

Panic Room Doors

Panic room doors safeguard the most important treasure of all – family. Our panic room doors have all the high security features of our vault doors, plus our 10-point manually retracting 1-inch diameter stainless steel shear pins. These doors are impervious to forced entry, unaffected by power outages, and provide the highest level of security possible in the case of a home invasion. They may also be outfitted with armor plating and our hidden surveillance package so those inside the secret room can know when it is safe to come out.

Armored Doors

Creative Home Engineering has adapted a magnesium-steel composite armor plating system for use with its high-security secret doors. This system provides ballistic protection equivalent to Underwriters Laboratories Level 5 standard: resists .30 caliber / 7.62 mm rifle fire

Biometric Access Control

Whether the door is for security or just for fun, biometric access control devices like fingerprint scanners and iris recognition system may warrant consideration. They allow the client to authorize only select users to open the secret door and can provide a historical log of when the hidden room was accessed and by whom

Surveillance Packages

Especially useful for the panic room applications, this practical feature also guarantees to impress anyone trusted enough to learn about the existence of the secret door. An imperceptibly small pin-hole color video camera is concealed in one of the moldings. The camera is connected via closed circuit to a flat screen monitor recessed into the reverse side, allowing occupants of the secret room to see who is on the outside.

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